Tippi-Toeing with Purpose Through One’s Seasons of Leadership Growth

Leadership Redefined Podcast
Richard Bernato Ed.D.
Anthony Annuziato Ed.D.
Al Pisano Ed.D

The more we are able to connect through podcasts, consulting work and conversations with experts in the field, it becomes clearer that the “recipe” for effective leadership cuts across human relationships and attention to research-based principles. Sometimes the understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader comes from having earned specific degrees but more often this comes out of instinct or from self- realization — it is defined by the experiences we have and the lesson we actively engage in and learn from.

Whichever paths leaders trek up their leadership ‘Mount Everest’, at core, there exists an existential subconscious intention that engines their purpose. Minus that commitment, the journey twists and turns, and often hairpins back to the summit’s starting point if it isn’t lost altogether.

Such is not the case for today’s guest, Meghan L. Reilly! Meghan’s purpose-compass is embedded in who she is and why as much as what she does.

Meghan’s ever-developing resume includes her co-development, with her sister, of a very successful dancing school franchise (Tippi-Toes) that presently is at 36 sites and has become international. It continues with her podcast, Who is Your Mama?. And she has recently begun an internet radio program found on the BYLR app, appropriately called The Meghan Reilly Show.

Throw in her role(s) as wife, and mom to three daughters to round out that resume.

While her achievements likely deserve a podcast each, it seems that her podcast embodies themes that cut across the deepest dimensions of her activities, Who is Your Mama? That series interviews females who have shattered the so-called glass ceiling in very notable corporate and commercial endeavors. Meghan uses the term “reverse engineers parenthood” to isolate and then recombine the persistence and intents of these successful individuals.

Were she to interview herself, as we noted in our conversation, what rang through, when she commented about these podcasts and when she reflected on her own journey up her personal “Reilly Everest’, was the theme and importance of purpose.

This was a thread that wasn’t attached to money or fame. Rather, Meghan spoke eloquently about having been raised to believe in her own capacities, but more importantly her intent to catalyze service to others. Doing so helps those around her to realize their own purpose; to empower them to overcome obstacles; and to help them in the entrepreneurship space. The philosophy trickles down to her clients, children up to 12 years old, be they potential scientists, dance instructors, or famous clothing manufacturers. Meghan states that her purpose for Tippi-Toes is, at its core, is helping others to become happy, fulfilled adults.

Here in our view, the key term would be fulfilled.

We pointed out to Meghan that what she has instinctively done is channel her life energies and her time to Stephen Covey’s “Important but not Urgent” quadrant. That dimension of energy allocation speaks to devoting her strengths to nurture herself to help others to find their ways up their mountains with their deepest purposes before them.

Senge would call this Vision. Scharmer would call this Presencing. What would you call it? Mountain Climbing?