Through the Looking Glass or Down the Rabbit Hole?

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LR Podcast withMelissa Lambert and Joe Sassone

We at Leadership Redefined often point out that when it comes to the future the Three P’s apply; what is Possible, what is Probable, and what is Preferable. While most anything is possible, fewer are more likely, and even fewer are preferable. When a crisis, always probable, afflicts us all, it prompts decision makers to seek ways to maximize futures that we truly desire.

This is doubly so when we consider the preferable futures we need to create now, even as we struggle with the issues and necessities we have cobbled to deal with our present “educationing” systems. A question bell that rings loud is “What lessons are we learning amidst our efforts that may help us shape the post COVID future educational system we want?”

Our latest video podcast asked Fostering Quality Schools’ thought leaders, ( Joseph Sassone and Melissa Lambert, to comment about issues and themes we must consider. And there were many terrific points they made!

They cited abundant research that substantiated the unfortunately obvious; i.e. the breaks in education, the adjustments we had to make to deliver viable instruction, the difficulties school systems have had to creating hybrid, online, and safe physical environments that will have had serious impact on students’ academic progress. These impacts will also have widened education gaps for students in need that aggravate the issues of equity we currently experience.

One solution Lambert and Sassone offer is trading a deficit model, where educators try to drop back to remediate student weaknesses, in favor for an “acceleration” model where we strive to move forward in our curricula while turning attention to student weaknesses as they occur.

In addition, they point out how professional staff’s collective future will be fraught with an acronym, VUCA; Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. These conditions will not magically disappear. These issues fall to futures-based leaders, both sensitive to these needs and comfortable with competencies that will lead educators through the other side of the COVID tunnel.

To that end see a model below, Amy Webb’s, of The Future Today Institute. She offers a Decision Matrix that the thoughtful leader can reflect with stakeholders to help them “future” through that passageway toward a recrafted, reinvented future. We will be using this and other forecasting tools in future podcasts

Decision Matrix



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